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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
I really object to a Corporation dictating who I should have a relationship with.

BTW - Just got your friends request.
Well they aren't dictating who just that i should so it lol

Yea couldn't believe we were not friends already!!!

Originally Posted by crazydaz View Post
I've found it helpful having like-minded colleagues. But you need to have separation between who your friends are, who you wouldn't brown nose, and your professional colleagues, who could be invaluable in helping you get into a new position with a company that is better suited for you. ANYONE can bitch and moan about "THE SYSTEM"; true professional artists learn how to USE The System to serve them. I certainly don't consider myself a sell out or a brown noser. I have a better job and life now because I formed the connections necessary in my field and worked my as* off to gain a reputation completely different than you might think if you met me.

Trust me, it's worth it.
Yea i guess i am not super artistic

I am one of those few people who have a very limited number of close friends.

Building the right relationships to is hard especially for me as my area is pretty sepererated from where i want to be, i mean hell we are in our own building feel like an unloved step child haha

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