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What's the point of Flourite/Eco if tabs have to be added?

Have been googling around the web lately as I am considering once again on substrate - Flourite or Eco - and have read that many users of it strongly recommend root tabs in addition to those two substrates.

Why in the heck would Flourite or Eco be worth the trouble if it needs tabs? Supposedly, they contain the elements in Florurish tabs already.

Seems like a big waste of money if I purchase $100 worth of substrate just to keep running out every two months for a box of Flourish tabs like I did when I was growing crypts and swords in regular pet store gravel.

Somebody, please explain or clarify if I am missing something.

The longer I'm involved in this hobby the more & more I'm convinced that Bio-Type species tanks are the way to go. Plants and fish/inverts live together in nature for a reason. I find the less I try to fight nature the better my tanks look.

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