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Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post

Your Tank has really come along!!! You have a very nice scape going, as well as some VERY PRETTY FISH!!! Congrats on the breeding too!!! My Albino Corys breed again when I was at the farm! Most of the eggs got eaten though, but I bet the Rams will protect their eggs a bit better than the corys do though!!!

Are you getting all of your fish at Petco??? If so Yalls Petco must have MUCH BETTER Fish People than ours!!!! Ours is TERRIBLE, BORDERING ON ABUSE!!!

Anyway, keep up the GREAT WORK on the tank and Fish!!!
Hi BoxxerBoyDrew,
Thanks for the compliments. The ottos are from Petco (the Angels are offspring from a friends petco Angels), the Rams and Cardinals are from Petsmart. The Sterbai Cory's and Sparkling Gourami are from my LFS in Groton. The big box stores locally are ok. They have a few good employees and a few that don't know enough. I usually buy on day of arrival and keep all fish in QT for two weeks. I also usually treat with tetra's full spectrum medication for six days. Finally I go old school and use a bit of aquarium salt in QT 1 tbs for 5 gallon, and 1 tbs per 15 gallon in main tank. After two weeks the fish are happy, healthy campers. Slow acclimation to main tank and they are good to go!

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