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As I've posted elsewhere in our forum, my 10 gallon opae tank is currently experiencing an outbreak of cyanobacteria, "bluegreen algae". (In my case it's more green/brown.)

It's making an effort to cover the sand, some of the rubble and bits of the macro algae.

I haven't had this problem in the Bookshelf tank (yet) and can only think of a couple things that I've done different in these tanks, so thinking (probably incorrectly ;-) ) that the cause may be one of these.

In the Bookshelf tank (the 'real' topic of this thread lol!) At initial setup I used "live seawater", in the 10 gallon tank I used mostly Instant Ocean.

The second (and to me the real probable cause):

The lighting.

The Bookshelf tank has a single 50 /50 fluorescent over it. The tank is much shallower than the 10 gallon so it performs perfectly!

I felt inclined to increase the lighting, quite dramatically, (and very impressively, I've got to say!) over the 10 gallon tank, (being quite a bit deeper), using not only the same tube as that over the Bookshelf tank, but with two intensively bright LED units. Makes for an awesome display, the light intense and white!

Well... Last night I removed the LEDs.

Today I tested the parameters of the 10 gallon tank and they are:

pH: 8.2

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 0

Seems perfect growing grounds for cyanobacteria, from what I've read.

There are several "cures" out there. From darkening the tank for several days to antibiotics. Adding a filter with phosphate removing media should help as well, but I don't know if that's the problem. I don't have a test kit for that. I'm not sure antibiotics are safe for the shrimp, the bio filter or the live rock, so I'm hesitant to use those.

Anyone out there with suggestions? Something you used with success?

Will remove as much as I can by hand tonight, can't syphon, there are tiny babies in there...
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