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I will be selling my sulawesi snails very soon from my 40gallon community tank. Ideally they would be happy in a sulawesi setup, but anything with similar water parameters will do. I am selling all of these as a group.

Here are all the ones I'm selling:
One Adult Orange Poso Snail (usually worth $10 a snail)

Three adult Yellow poso Snails (really nice bright colors on these guys and their shell pattern is amazing

Fourteen Orange Spotted Poso Snails (a mix of adults, and juveniles. great looking snails, and their shells come in three main colors)

They have either jet black shells:

Sort of Polished-wood colored shells:

Or golden-colored shells (my favorite):

I will also add 3 adult Ramshorn snails for free. They look like leopard ramshorns when young, but grow into a blueish-looking shell:

That's 18 sulawesi snails total, and I am asking $50.00 for all of them shipped. That includes heatpack, priority shipping, double insulated box, breather bags, live arrival guarantee on every snail, and a tracking number on the package. It may seem like a lot of money but it's only about $2.70 per snail which I think is a very good price. I will be making a post in the S&S section soon. just waiting on my priority boxes atm.

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