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Tanks and hardware and food.

LOTS of food sample packets. Lotsffish mix #2, foods from lohachata, lots of different fry food blends, like microkrill. Free with a purchase.

All foods below have been opened within the last 6 months, but barely used.
A baggy of decapped brine shrimp eggs. $1

Hikari sinking wafers, $2. Hikari micropellets, $2.

A big baggy of FROZEN Hikari algae sinking tablets, frozen when purchased December 2011. $3.

A jar of new life spectrum cichlid pellets. $2.

One 5g set up, acrylic tank that is scratched. Come with plastic plants, a plastic cave thing, PVC pipe. Hood and light, and Whisper10i internal filter with filter insert. $20.

Everything below: Make an offer because I'm a busy student and don't feel like looking up the prices.

Lots of other filters, Tetra 30, Topfin 30.

A 10g set up. Whisper 10 (very quiet!), hood and light.

Heaters, 100w, 150w, 50w.

Free rocks, free black gravel, free river gravel.

Eco-complete mixed with some play sand and pebbles. I don't know how many lbs, but it's enough mix for about 3" of substrate across a 29g tank.

29g, glass hood, old but working lamp, faux wood trim and matching cabinet stand.

29g with black trim and black hood.

Automatic timer.

Plastic breeder trap with all attachements.

2 net breeder traps.

Lots of Whisper filter media, plastic plants, used but clean sponge filter media.

Parasite Guard tablets.

Numerous OLD OLD OLD air pumps. Free, please get them out of my house!

It would be great for someone to take my gravel! That's the hardest stuff to get rid of.

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