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This is a platy, under 1", it was sold to me as a teacup platy off Aquabid. Pale yellow with blue eyes. Free, since it doesn't look as vibrant or healthy as it used to be... but by all means adopt it and feed it up!

This is a hefty piece of driftwood with java fern well established on it. The java fern itself looks not so good. Java fern just doesn't ever ever ever grow well for me. Anyways, $4 for this heavy medium piece of driftwood.

Subwassertang. This grows well for me. It is kept at 62 degrees, very low light, and it is mixed with a little willow moss and java moss. There are RCS shrimplets in the subwassertang, or there were last week.
There are 2 larger shrimp in the subwassertang. You can see a male on an oak leaf above. There was one juvenile too.

The two shrimp will be free to whomever takes my two bristlenose plecos!

The subwassertang can be $2 for a healthy golfball portion (when squeezed of water). If there are shrimplets in the clump you can have them!
And remember, there is some moss mixed with the subwassertang. And ramshorn snails, maybe.

I also have 3 jungle vals that recently melted because I moved them around. Leafs are short, less than 12", and a little longer, just over 12." $1 each.
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