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Originally Posted by bikinibottom View Post
I always appreciate hearing the opinions of others, although I can't say I understand what yours is in this particular case. Is it your opinion that splitting photo periods is detrimental to fish health? If so, I'd be interested to know on what you base your opinion. I've seen a plethora of anecdotal evidence that it does not harm the fish. In fact, I've seen some of that evidence in this very thread (fish on split photo periods are healthy, eating, spawning, etc.)

I didn't get into the hobby to torture fish. I got into the hobby because I like fish, and invertebrates, and plants, and water, and soil, and light... you know, all the things that make up "the system". Fish AND plant health are among my goals. If I didn't care about that then I wouldn't have even asked the question as to whether anyone is aware if splitting photo periods was detrimental.
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