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Various anubias, most are A. nana.
I think a fair sale price is $3 for the nice ones and $1 for the couple that have just one leaf? They all are losing their old leafs but almost all of them have lots of new leafs.

This is the driftwood I have. I have a couple more pieces aside from these.
I'm thinking $4 for the medium size pieces and $1 for the little pieces. There is an iphone there for reference.

There was a kuhli loach hiding in the wood when I pulled it out!

Next are the crypts. I forget what all the species are....
Is $3 per crypt plant reasonable? Little attached babies go with the mother plant.
Dwarf sag plants can be $1 each.

I have a few C. balsanae. They grow so slowly for me, but I've had them for about a year and they were lovely over the summer. Nice long leafs.
And I think the wide-leaf crypts are C. pontefolia or something along those lines. Please excuse the mulm that got kicked up onto their leafs/

A few C. parva and about a dozen dwarf sag plants.

About a dozen C. wendtii. They grow great for me.

I also have about 6 small java ferns. Their leafs have brown spots. $1 for two. They are free floating. HOWEVER, one of the pieces of driftwood above has about 3 java ferns attached to it

ALL plants are kept in a VERY low light tank. Water is ph 8.4, very hard, temp is 80 degrees.

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