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Originally Posted by WestHaven View Post
I called and talked to a guy at my local fish store, and he suggested that I'm not doing enough maintenance on my tank. I do about a 25% water change each week. He asked if I ever vacuum the gravel and I said no I have never done that. Is that the problem?

My tank has a lot of plants (they are all doing well), and I thought they would take care of a lot of the excess ammonia and nitrate (I tested them and they are non-detectable).
its always good to vacuum out plant debris and poo that collects in the tank. is it your 29gal? 30gal? 4 dwarf G is a lot for that size so it could be stress possibly? but eh. The ammonia is processed in your filter after cycling (good circulation is best!) But the bacteria can make the water toxic if it gets to a certain level. I but vacuuming with the water change is usually what people do, just to clear debris. the weight loss is indicative of something else. and for me it makes me think parasite almost always. snakes, same thing, horses, same thing, I would maybe go ahead and call a local shop for something to nip it in the bud. unless someone thinks it something else...but my otto dropped a ton of weight suddenly and it was the same thing, just a parasite and was eatin all his food. after the internal parasite treatment though he was fine.
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