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My ginormous order of plants should ship out today and get here on Friday. I have a bunch of different lower light plants that I'm going to try. I'm probably going to have to sell off some of them as they grow and get biggger, but I wanted to try so many.

So here's my plant lineup:
Anubias barteri
anubias nana
anubias nana 'petite'
anubias hastifolia
anubias frazeri
cryptocoryne wendtii green
c. wendtii 'florida sunset'
c. retrospiralis
c. spiralis
c. lutea
c. undulatus
c. pontederifolia
bolbitus heudelotii
microsorium pteropus

I know this is a lot for a 10 gallon, but the plants from usually arrive on the small side and like I said, I wanted to try a bunch of different plants. I will remove them as they grow fuller and I decide which ones I like the most. I think I've decided that I'm probably going to run my DIY CO2 on this tank with a pretty slow bubble rate, just to try to achieve denser growth quicker. I'm not really looking to breed shrimp like crazy, so I'm not too concerned with adding CO2 on this shrimp tank.
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