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Originally Posted by cherabin View Post
Hi Sudeep,

My first post in this forum and i would like to extend a big thank you for your excellent article. I've been into low tech tanks for a number of years but hasn't really been able to grasp any of the points mentioned in your article.

Since reading, i had been dilligently following it as a guide and have seen better plant growth etc and able to grow lots of new species. Have also recommend to many friends your read and very confident the benefits from it.

Thank you once again.
You are very welcome. I'm glad it's helped you and your friends

Originally Posted by Hoppy View Post
What plants did you do a dry start with? From the photos of your Edge tank, I don't see which ones would work with a dry start, and low light.
That leads me to another question you have a list of plants that work well with the DSM? I checked Tom's website forum thread where he had originally started the discussion (and in which I had posted my results a few years back), but I was disappointed to note that there hasn't really been any more updates/discussions on that thread. Has DSM gotten more popular since then and are there any resources/threads with a list of plants, or is it scattered about on a smattering of forum threads?

After having gone the DSM way with my hairgrass foreground on my first tank, I don't think I'd go any other way when starting a planted tank. The only difficult part is having the patience and discipline to wait it out while your plants establish themselves and take root and start multiplying. The additional benefits of having nitrogen fixing bacteria established via this method is also really nice because you don't then have to worry as much about ammonia and nitrites due to (1) the presence of these bacteria via DSM and (2) Due to your already well established plants due to DSM that will be quick to take up any ammonia/nitrites in the water column.
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