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Algae is driving me nuts. I must be doing something wrong with my dosing, lighting, or CO2...

I turned the CO2 way up this evening, but my fish didn't appreciate that too much (started hanging out at the surface), so I brought it back down. I'm sure the fluctuating levels aren't helping things out. My drop checker has been yellowish-green the entire time.

I'm dosing approximately:
KNO3 (K) - 2.173g 3x week
KH2PO4 (PO4) - 0.347g 3x week
CSM+B - 1.275g 2x week

I dropped the light period from 9 hours per day to 6 per day.

So far, the BBA hasn't shown signs of stopping. Once I get it under control, I'll do the Excel treatments to get rid of it.
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