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Originally Posted by Hoppy View Post
Lux meters are very useful for rough measurements to see if a light fixture/bulb is going to work well for you, but they are not useful for actual research type measurements - determining how effective an actinic bulb is compared to a 6700K bulb, for example.
Unbelievably well said! There's a lot of truth in that statement and I think it bears repeating. :-)

(Yes, I meant it....everyone read that again! )

Having a $20 LUX meter to go by is so eye opening (no pun) - so much better at showing you what the light really does as it radiates from your light source, as it overlaps with other light sources, etc, than "eyeballing it". If you're someone who DIY's or experiments with your lighting at all in any way, it would seem a shame not to have one of these to use. Even without being calibrated to anything (which just makes a LUX so much more informative).

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