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Originally Posted by HybridHerp View Post
Really? I got it from Barthog and tbh it seems just as big as the cuba I got

Its the one that is taller with a red stem. That's what I got as R. Bangladesh. The thing in front that is slightly pink is 'Pantanal' and Cuba is somewhere in that mess as well.

I just planted it all last night, and these pics were right after planting, so the plants hadn't adjusted or anything yet.
That's because the 'cuba' is significantly undersized.

This plant is difficult to scape with since it grows so damned fast once it gets established. You probably need to trim it once a week to keep it in check and not strewn across the top of the tank. Maybe if you dose your ferts on the lean side it it won't be such a weed. OVT's pic is the nice growth you can get from Bangladesh but it also grows very lanky as well. I had it growing under a 4 bulb Tek and sometimes it would grow nice and compact and other times it would grow lanky with long internodes.
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