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fluval edge tetra topic!

So this is my first set up since moving to somewhere extremley cold and with no pet stores for what seems like forever !!
i bought two 5 gal tanks some cheap brand and ...
one 12g fluval edge !!! the newer one with the led lights !!

here is my setup
nothing in 5g tanks will have moss and some shrimp

the 12g is what i am concerned with the stock led lights seem kinda dim for plants ive read the thread on them and it just talks about conversions for the older style edge tanks

im using stock filter and the e100 fluval heater

i want to grow some med light plants in there and would like to know if anyone has had luck doing so before i start builing a new led setup for it !!

i let the fluval cycle 1 mo and went ahead and ordered fish!
ammonia was at 1 ppm no nitrite and like 4ppm nitrate

i used 2-3 inches of fluvals "complete" substrate for planted tanks and 1 1/2 inch of gravel which i am thinking of partially mixing into the "dirt"

i have 5 sprigs of star grass that i have planted and a few other plants and mosses on the way

now fish !!!
i have 12 baby rummy nose tetra and 12 baby neon that look awesome in there !!
i climitized them temp only old school drop bag method and let them free they all are alive and hyper as hell !!

now questions
will mixing substrate and gravel cause problems ?
do the tetras have enough room ? they are small and seem happy they are very active so far !

can fish provide the co2 i need in this tank ?

well i think thats enough for now thanks in advance for any help !!
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