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Originally Posted by plantbrain View Post
You might try Ludwigia red instead of L repens, that would give some nice added different coloration in the back corner.

Black floutite sand might be a better long term less messy sediment than ADa AS or Flourite.

Off to a good start

Let the macrandra top out on the surface for about 1 week, then trim.
This will yield nice branching and thicker better coloration etc.
I currently have just under 2 bags of ADA AS under the 8 bags of Flourite Dark and from time to time I do notice some being pulled up when I move plants. I thought about going to straight sand like the NBAT standards require.

I will have to try that with the R. macrandra, thanks!

Originally Posted by LyzzaRyzz View Post
Wow! Love Dutch tanks! I'm kind of in the hodgepodge stage myself. I'll be waiting for updates! =]
The messy stage doesn't last very long with stem plants.

Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
That looks fantastic! Nice job growing those plants. That is a cool enclosure, too.
Thanks! I got the tank custom made to be similar to Barr's 180g. Filter input/output on the bottom pane of glass via bulkheads. I want to build a new stand with doors and at the same time switch all the green Eheim tubing over to PVC and add a Cerge's reactor.

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