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Lucy's Lagoon - As mentioned above, at this time 2006 is totally Marine. A Mom-n-Pop type store. Very, very nice and knowledgeable owners. I've never had a bad experience when dealing with them. Another thing I've always enjoyed about them, was that they have no problem showing you their filtration set up and are eager to talk to you about any questions.
Located on 9th Street, between Triana Blvd and Jordan, about 200 feet from Triana.

Just Cichlids - The only bad thing about this store is it's location, as parking is kind of an issue. Otherwise, here is another Enthusiast owned establishment where, I've NEVER seen a dead/sick fish in any of his tanks. The owner is always open for questions and has even demo'd equipment for myself and others. Very enthusiastic about cichlids. Very knowledgeable about cichlids and which ones you should/shouldn't mix. If you're looking for a freshwater alternative for colorful fish that require a little more attention than regular Tropicals, but far less equipment and preparation than Saltwater, here is an excellent place to start.
Located on Triana Blvd about 100' S. of the Triana/Governors intersection.

Aquarium Shop - I don't really care for this shop so much. The owners are friendly and seem eager to help out, but I usually leave this place feeling a little depressed every time I go. If I didn't live in an apartment, and had a basement filled with large tanks, I'd probably buy a lot of their larger fish just to rescue them. They do have a large collection of freshwater fish and some interesting SW as well. I'm usually wary of their fish due to usually seeing a dead/sickly fish in 25%-50% of their tanks. I'm sorry if I'm coming off very negative about this store, and will say that I've have in the past bought several fish from them that were fine, and some that are still alive today (6yrs old). I would rank their fish quality with Petsmart or just slightly better. This establishment does have a good selection of plants and they also carry a large amount of accessories/replacement parts for many popular brands of filters. Also they carry a wide selection of filters, feed, substrates, rock, and other accessories. I shop here when I need a piece of equipment immediately, for plants, or very hard to find FW fish. Despite any negative comments I had for this store, I would still recommend them over any chain-store.

Also, just to mention it, the PetSmart here in Huntsville, on University Dr near Target is probably the best of the chain stores in the area.

Just my 2 cents.

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