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ugh, I thought they were dead. Opinions needed

so I had added 5 red cherries to the tank and I know 3 died, I saw bodies. at least one died after molting and I think the second did as well. so I decided to try again. I added 2 red cherry and 2 fire. they started to go missing and I figured they too had died. only had 2 cherry and 1 fire left besides my 5 Orange bee. I also found a molt for each missing. I thought maybe the LFS just had weak cherries so I decided to order blue pearls from a breeder and put the cherries in my son' s tank where they'd probably become lunch for somebody. I just moved my driftwood and found 5 of the * missing presumed dead* huddled together in a small hole . so of the 11 shrimp total including bees, I counted at least 10. My 12 blue pearls will be here by Thursday and I can't put them together. I don't want to make the cherries feeders either now that I know they are actually happy/healthy and one of the fires is berried.
What do I do????
I can house them together if I dump the shrimplets into my son' s tank or I can still move the cherries to his tank but see if the LFS will take his Raphael catfish so the shrimp have a chance?
OR can I set up a bowl for the cherries?? How do I make it ok in 2 days?
Thank you
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