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When I was in college (the first time), I was astonished to discover that there was an entire world out there that exists in, and only in, the world of film. Through high school, I dismissed the phrase, "like in the movies," thinking that no one actually said things like that, nor actually believed that the movies had any relation to reality (being a poorly Americanized second generation immigrant, I had no point of reference and thought that "slice of life" and "modern day" films and books were describing some really weird alien planet that everyone knew was fake but accepted as "normal" for some bizarre and as yet unidentified reason). By the time I delved (briefly) into computer animation, it was brought to my attention that not only do people say "like in the movies," they actually believe it - and it blows their minds that movies are not an accurate portrayal of real life. Yet because they saw it in a movie, they think that's how it should be - so that's how they try to arrange it in real life. Thus, real life now imitates art, instead of the other way around - because most people have absolutely no idea what real life is like.

So I basically gave up on the computer animation course, because the fancy new medium as a form of art expression was acutely depressing when I found out that no, really, people take this stuff waaaaay too seriously.
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