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Da bomb

Hello TPTs:

My housemate's cat is now allowed to sleep downstairs in the laundry area because is cold outside. I'm sure it has never been treated for fleas.

Another friend asked me to take are of his reef, dog and cat while he was away and OmG that house was nasty. I also got all bit by fleas in my ankles every time I went there.

So, adding this two sources I think my house is infested. We vacuum several times a week and keep things clean but my 2 yr old son is all marked by flea bites.

We decided to bomb the house, any precautions for te shrimp tank? I was thinking to cover it with plastic wrap and bag the hob. Any other suggestions?

Side note: There is no signs of bed bugs, I was worried about that because I take Bart to work and this area is infested by homeless. I mean infested by disgusting zombie looking homeless, is sad that no care is provided by authorities. I don't even sit in Bart, it's gross.

A heavily planted shrimp tank is possible!
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