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Originally Posted by raulfd4 View Post
A little off the mineralizing topic, but I didn't want to start a new thread.

I will probably be planting my tank this Sunday. Will it be a problem if I add the MGOCPM and PFS tonight (Tuesday)? I have water in the tank, just started a fishless cycle. I will just run the tank with no lights until I add the plants.

I just don't want an algae bloom or something from the dirt being in there with no plants to support.
I see no harm in this. Allowing the base to soak a few days I would suggest that you reach into the tank and with a flat palm pat/press down on the substrate, this aids in releasing trapped air. When you plant the tank drain about 1/2 the water then refill it. Also unless you have a nasty film develop on the glass blocking the view into the tank try to leave things alone as much as you can until the cycle is completed.
After about two weeks if you can wait that long do a test and water change then. After a couple changes the tannins fall off to a large degree.


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