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Originally Posted by HybridHerp View Post
Really? How were they to care for and any pics of the setup or details on it? Where'd you get them and, if you don't mind me asking, how much where they each? This is a species I'm very interested in and don't see much of.
It was 15 years ago; sorry I don't have any pics. Mine were free, from a zoo, back when that sort of thing was allowed. I had 7-8 adults that I received as juvies; they bred once before I had to give them up. I gave them all to a famous columnist at Reptiles Mag when I had to move. Care is pretty simple. I kept a breeding group in a 55-gal. The only significant challenge with these guys is their tendency to get skin lesions/infections. I was advised to keep them in low-light high-tannin water with minimal flow, which I did. Some driftwood, lots of oak leaf litter, one very low-wattage bulb at one end of the tank, which was otherwise completely shaded from light. Once in awhile I'd see a little white fuzzy patch on one's skin, but it usually disappeared with the next shed, never overtook them like some other people saw. That said, I have seen them in zoo exhibits with lots of light and flow. So funny when the algae grows right on their skin! Sure do miss those snakes! I don't watch dealer lists like I used to so I have no idea how available they are anymore, but they are certainly still common in zoos, as others noted above. Never that striped morph though, just the other checked one. There are some reports in the literature that they also eat plants, but I opened up a dozen or so wild-caught specimens in museums and found nothing but fish. Let us know if you find any available!
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