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Originally Posted by Joraan View Post
Now I want to get Cardinals....
Dont get them from Fishtown. I always see dead ones floating each time i visit and they restock each week which is sort of bad sign if you ask me. Ive heard horror stories of low survival rate. The ones i originally purchased from there during their $1 sale passed away a week later and the rest shortly afterwards. the new batch i have from win have 99% survival. they have also been in the store for several weeks so you know they are quanantined by now.

Originally Posted by RWaters View Post
The electric blue rams looked very nice. Unfortunately, I have no room for them.
Me likey fishy but no likey pricey unless they are very healthy. ill wait a week or two to see how they do.

Originally Posted by VivaDaWolf View Post
Those guys are only a few dollars at chain stores like petco/petsmart. At least theyre staples at our store.... $9 is quite a bit.
i typically pay about $3 for a platy. I only have red ones at the moment but I'm entering my Blue phase at the moment. Do you have any blue platy in stock? Only place that has them in stock is on fresh pond road in queens.

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