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Thumbs up Bangi Cardinals

IMHO and experience.... the easiest fish you could breed in an aquarium are:
Bangi Cardinals (mouth-brooders)

They are sooo tuff.... I used to raise them in my overflows until they were big enough to sell/trade.
They would get sucked into my 2 overflows as babies, then I would just leave them in there. They would do just fine & grow fast with zero attention from me.
The 1'st time...I grew out' a dozen in my overflows before I even knew they were in there

20gal long with... (4) 30" T5 Colormax/6700K ~ CO2 @25ppm ~ Fluorite black sand ~ EI dosing & Osmocote Plus ~ RO/DI filter (Plants & FRS)

*My 180gal SPS tank had 2160 Watts of light (12WPG) back in the early 1990's... (3) 400 Watt German' Metal Halides and (6) 6' 160 Watt VHO RS/03 (IceCap ballasts)
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