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New plants from Barthog. Also update on the amaryllis.

Yah, this is tall.....I need to keep this watered more, but it seems to like being watered with old tank water, which is fine by me :P

Full tank shot, with ALL of the plants. Let me show what the current list of fish and plants are. Not sure how many other plants I will cram into here, but I will update as that all goes on.

Current Fish:
Corydoras pygmaeus – “Pygmy Cory” x12
Otocinclus sp. – “Oto” x3
Neocaridina heteropoda – “Blue Velvet Rili” x Alot
Physa sp. – “Pond Snail” x Alot
Planorbis rubrum – “Ramshorn Snail” x Alot

My plants...
Echinodorus parviflorus – “Tropica Sword”
Lobelia cardinalis – “Dwarf Cardinal” (NEW)
Ranunculus inundatus (NEW)
Sagittaria subulata - “Dwarf Sag”
Egeria najas – “Narrow Leaf Elodea”
Cryptocoryne wendtii - “Red/Brown Crypt”
Cabomba caroliniana – “Green Cabomba”
Cabomba pulcherrima – “Purple Cabomba” (NEW)
Cabomba furcata - “Red Cabomba”
Nymphaea zenkeri - “Red Tiger Lotus”
Ludwigia inclinata var. Tornado (NEW)
Ludwigia sp. ‘Atlantis’ (NEW)
Microsorum pteropus – “Java Fern”

As you can see, I got some new additions, which really seem to fill in the tank nicely. Of course, I need all the stems to straighten out, and I should give everything a good trim so that it can all grow more compact for this tank, but that will happen later.

My Ranunculus, kinda messy looking, but I will trim it down and all once it is established. Looking at this though, I'm somewhat afraid it is going to try and take over the tank lol. Its a bit bigger than I thought it'd be butI'm happy with it. If I end up needing to thin this, I'm sure my 75 would appreciate having this as a foreground or something.

Little Lobelia. I've never had luck with cardinal plant before, but I've also never tried it in a dirted hi-tech tank before either. I feel like I should move this up a bit, but its probably fine where it is now. I really like the small leafs and everything, it looks nice and should grow nicely for me too.

So here is my L. 'Atlantis'. I kind of want to see if I can get this to grow more compact with smaller sized leafs, cause it is a very pretty plant. I know in my 5.5 I have L. 'Red' growing very small leafs but also growing very compact under similar kind of lighting, so I think it can be done. I need to trim some of my crypt leafs as well, or just let the Atlantis grow thick enough to make it look better :P. I might just cut back the crypt though, cause I'd like more room for stems if possible. Behind the Atlantis is a stem of L. 'Tornado', which I plan on cutting and propagating a lot of. If I can as well, I'd love to get some of it into my 75, once I have enough to satisfy my desires for this tank :P

A better shot of the L. inclinata var. 'Tornado'

Its a little hard to tell the Purple from the Green. The Red is kinda looking....bleh though, but maybe it will boost up with co2. I'm hoping that the Purple gets its color in, cause right now it looks a lot like the green, but with less compact growth and different looking leaf shapes (though its very subtle).

And one last shot of everything that is chilling under the little driftwood awning.

More to come in a few days

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