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Herotilapia multispinosa – “Rainbow Cichlid” x3
Pterophyllum scalare - “Blue Leopard Angels” x3
Trichopodus leerii – “Pearl Gourami” x3:3
Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri – “Endli Bichir”
Polypterus senegalus – “Senegal Bichir”

my current list of fish, just as a reminder. I'm hoping to add 3 more angels to the tank this coming week, and eventually another cichlid species and a black ghost knife or african brown knife.

Glossotigma elatinoides – “Glosso”
Cryptocoryne parva
Hygrophila pinnatifida (NEW)
Cryptocoryne sp. – “Green Gecko” (NEWISH)
Cryptocoryne usteriana (NEWISH)
Nymphoides aquatic – “Banana Plant”
Nymphaea zenkeri - “Red Tiger Lotus” (NEWISH)
Nymphaea micrantha – “Green Tiger Lotus” (NEWISH)
Echinodorus sp. – “Rose Sword”
Rotala macrandra – “Japan Red” (NEW)
Ludwigia senegalensis (NEW)
Rotala sp. wallichii – “Wallichii”
Lagenandra meeboldii ‘Pink’- “Pink Lagenandra”
Echinodorus sp. – “Red Rubin Sword”
Hygrophila corymbosa – “Giant Temple”
Hygrophila sp. ‘Brown’ (NEW)
Vallisneria americana – “Jungle Val” (NEW)
Limnophia aromatica (NEW)
Proserpinaca palustris – “Mermaid Weed” (NEW)
Ludwigia sp. ‘Rubin’ (NEWISH)
Ludwigia glandulosa (NEW)
Ludwigia inclinata var. ‘Red’ {I think that's its name, going to double check} (NEW)
Ludwigia inclinata var. ‘Cuba’ x3 (NEW)
Ludwigia inclinata var. ‘Pantanal’ x3 (NEW)
Myriophyllum heterophyllum (MOVED)
Wood #1
Anubias barteri – “Petite Anubias”
Wood #2
Microsorum pteropus – “Java Fern Windelov”
Wood #4
Anubias barteri - “Anubias Nana” x1
Anubias barteri - “Coffeefolia” x2
Anubias barteri - “Broad-Leaf Anubias” x2

Lysimachia nummularia (REMOVED)
Cabomba caroliniana (REMOVED)
Egeria najas (REMOVED)

I don't think I posted (or really took) any pictures showing these plants that I removed, but w/e. Anyways, as you can tell, I added a LOT of new plants into this tank today. Again, shout out to Barthog for this lot of plants. I still have another shipment of plants coming later this week, as well as the diffuser for tank. My co2 will also be up veryyyyy shortly. I also threw in my drop checker, although I'm not sure I set it up right.......

Anyways, I'm going to quickly go area by area to show what I've put where and why (just explaining the new things).

So, over here I put in some Green Gecko and C. usteriana. I'm aiming to make a sort of ring or square of various crypt species and varieties around the small Rose Sword in the middle, which will grow much larger in due time. I also placed my N. micrantha back here as well, since I feel the color worked in this area, and that the whole lilly idea works well throughout my tank (since I have three different lilly species, figured I'd divide them up throughout the tank instead of having them very close to each other). This should look a lot nicer once the crypts grow in and I get some other types of crypts as well, and the lilly will look amazing once it too gets some growth going. I'm thinking that it won't grow terribly tall but will still get some nice height and definitely spread out more.
Behind that, I have some L. aromatica going on. All of the new stems still have to straighten themselves out, so they will all look better once that happens. I'm wanting these guys to become a nice dense grouping that separates the crypts from the L. meeboldii. Since the L. meeboldii is so tall, I figure I can let the L. aromatica grow tall as well, but just so tall as to hide most of the stalk of the other plant, but still let its leafs be very visible.

Behind the L. meeboldii I threw this jungle val that had been growing in my 10 gallon. Figured this plant would be better fit for a tank this size, and I figured as well that Jungle val would be a nice contrast from the dark color of the L. meeboldii and would also make the back of the plant look nicer, filling in the empty space between the leafs of that plant.

My anubias nana varients are growing back slowly but surely. The H. corymbosa is growing well behind it, and I like the color that its leafs are. I'm going to let this grow very tall, which will shade the anubias a bit. In front of the anubias I put R. macrandra 'Japan', since I figure that I'd like the look of this plant to be a bit shorter anyways, and that its eventual bright red color would pop and draw a person's eyes towards the anubias. Of course, I'd trim it so that you could see the anubias as well.

My Banana is doing fine as always, and constantly showing signs of growth everywhere. Behind it is the Rubin Sword, which seems to be adjusting and growing ever so slowly. Growth will be faster once I clean my top glass and once I get co2 in here. Wedge between my Rubin and the wood is the H. sp. 'Brown'. I figured that it would look nice with the sword, and would be interesting to compare side by side with the H. corymbosa, since both seem to be capable of attaining similar sizes.

My Java Fern, looking sad as always. I hope the addition of co2 will do something for this plant, since I really like the windelov variety.

To the left of this picture is my patch of C. parva, which I am hoping to expand and make thicker. However, this shows my H. pinnatifida quiet nicely. I'm going to let this spread out and grow a little vertical, but nothing too crazy. I'm going to be putting something nice to the right of this plant as well.

Okay, so this mess (with my gourami's blocking it) is going to become a forest. Buried underneath everything are two Madagascar Lace bulbs, that I'm hoping will grow huge leafs that just kinda do whatever they want to do. To the back of this picture, closer to the bigger piece of wood, is where my Mermaid Weed is. Its already super thick, and I can't wait to see what this plant is like once it grows up, gets even thicker, and gets really really really RED. I predict this is going to be a plant I am VERY happy with.

The rest of the plants are different ludwigia species and varieties. This shot was taken from the side of the tank, but the way it looks from the front is that I have L. glandulosa in the back right corner, with L. 'Rubin' to its right on the other side of the filter intake.
In front of both of them is a single stem of L. inclinata 'Red?' that I am waiting on a better ID for. Its the one with a bright red stem and lime green leafs. In front of that is some L. inclinata 'Cuba', which I am going to let grow tall and colorful. In front of that is L. inclinata 'Pantanal', which is redder and smaller but still similar looking. In front of that, is L. senegalensis, which I am hopping will also get super red for me in due time. I have some other Ludwigia's that I am going to have going on in this area at some point, and I am going to be thickening out the ones I do have now as they all grow as well.

I'm probably going to wind up replacing the R. wallichi in here with either a different Rotala or with some Ludwigia, but I will see how that plays out when I get the last of my plants in.

More of my senegalnsis.


Different Inclinata variations

I put my Red Tiger lotus in this area as well. Here is the lace trying to stick out. I might have to thin out some of the stems in this area if the Lace doesn't do well.

That's all for now. I'm willing to bet that I'm going to have to replant some of these stems a few times before they root really well, but this stuff is going to look so good when it all grows in and spreads and all.

I'll update this again in a few days once my co2 is running and my other order gets here and is planted. And by then, I should have cleaned my glass tops finally :P

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