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So far, everyone is doing good. TDS is 155, pH is about 6.9-7.1, probably either depending on my cheapo-ebay pH meter or the amount of CO2 in the water, used by moss and floaters, etc and what time of day I check at, gH is 5, kH 0.

I have about 10 berried CRS/CBS/Golden and I think that's all of the females of age in the tank, haven't noticed any deaths, lots of activity and molting, babies from Ebiken growing nicely, two of them are berried already.

So, so far for the test in a mostly bare bottom, non-active substrate, pH near neutral, HMF and sponge filter only tank, my shrimp are:

- living fine and EXTREMELY active in. - Check
- Growing, molting, no deaths. - Check
- Breeding, getting berried - Check
- Holding to term - So far, first females should be ready to pop soon
- Babies growing up and not dying in the water - No idea yet, although I did transfer over 1 probably week or two old baby and 1 probably month old or so and I still see them in the tank, so they didn't mind it.

So we'll see in probably a week or two when the first batch hatches, if I can see babies a week or two after that and the rest should start dropping day after day or within a few weeks and hopefully they get berried again soon. Even if I don't get a high yield, the babies that do make obviously are genetically superior to the ones that didn't make and would more adapt to live in this water. lol.

I speak to breeder in Eastern Europe and they keep TB's and CRS in like 8pH water, because it's the only RO they can get and active substrate is expensive, and they breed and do ok.

So hopefully within a month, I have a tank full of babies, we'll see.

Couple berried momma's hanging out.

20g platy, , 2 x 10g shrimp, 3 x 20g shrimp, 7.5g shrimp and 1 great dane/mastiff puppy.

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