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Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
I've had it blacked out for 3 days now (just turned it on for pics) so I've got a head start

I don't have a proper camera but I took some seam pics of my stand. Apparently I need to take some nail polish remover and clean up the glue! The laminate is Pionite in Banker's Gray. The closest Formica color is Mouse. My stand was custom made so there's a few flaws like the door isn't quite flush with the front of the stand and the side holes are upside down, but it still looks great from viewing distance and it's incredibly sturdy. I love the look of the laminate and I don't mind the seams. It's super easy to clean too.

Good job man, I had the same problem as you a while back before I switched to reefing.. Now I'm back. That stand looks nice, couldn't tell it was laminate at first. I guess I'll get to building mine. Thanks
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