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I'm thinking about building one of these reactors but I can't get past one concern regarding the potential for a disastrous leak.

It seems to me that the weak link is the "T" where the co2 line joins the water line. The hoses can have clamp on them to lock them down -- so they are pretty safe. But the pics I see on this thread show the co2 line just slipped over the barb. I've also seen them entering the top of the GE unit through the hole where the bleed valve previously lived (as mentioned in moose's post above). So here's my concern: it seems to me that if the co2 line comes off the barb or out of that little hole at the to of the GE unit there will be water all over the place. Now, since there are a lot of people putting these reactors together and nobody is talking about disasters I've got a feeling I must be missing something. Are those little barb connections so snug fitting they are foolproof? Or is there a checkvalve of some kind that I'm missing? Any info appreciated. Thank you!
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