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Well all my fish in both tanks now hate me haha

I trimmed down my very over grown moss in my ten gallon, and now it looks empty : ( I think I trimmed to much, thankfully it's java moss, so it should pop back really quick.

As for the 29 gallon, I added more substrate, by seacam this time. Even though I rinsed the crap out if it, and added it in cup by cup full, not dumping it out till it was right against the ground, it still went POOF with crap.

I added in 4 Emerald Eye Tetras. They where 99cents a fish, so I got all they had left to try and bring out the Double Red. So far they are exploring the tank like crazy. I added some more plants to it as well, trimmings from the ten gallon. As soon as all the 'dust' settles, I will be taking the moss trimmings from the ten gallon and adding it to the drift wood.

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