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Originally Posted by n00dl3 View Post
Sounds like it is not getting enough co2 and nutrient from your flow. Since all your plants in your tank are healthy. I would experiment by moving one of the stem to the front with no other plant is blocking it to see if it will be more robust. If it is, then you know your problem.
CO2 huh? I do believe I might need to cut a few good things out the way of my flow, you are probably right. But I will tell ya, my CO2 is at the limit, anymore and my fish are gasping. Great idea on the second one, I did add one stem of the H. Lancea to my corner on the left that gets good flow, so we will see. I appreciate the advice N00dl3.

Originally Posted by 13B-RX3 View Post
Not to get off topic but isn't than an insane amount of light? Do you have any problem running that much? What photoperiod do you use and how high are the lights from the substrate?
Ha, well I could actually use more light, I am about to get another fixture in the near future to replace my large one. And really truth be told I just recently added an LED strip for more . But as long as I can balance, CO2, light, and nutrients then I get pretty little algae besides some GDA on my glass and sometimes plants. My lights are 16+" or so from my soil, photo period, well I have 2x54w bulbs on for 9hrs, 2x54w, LED white strip, and 36" T-8 on for 6 1/2hrs or so. Also one last thing is my 4x54w T-5HO light hangs off the side of the tank so I can grow tropical plants in the winter. Now if I ran out of CO2 I would be screwed and grow SSOO much algae under those lights.

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