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NWA---nope, just corner-bracing. I wish that I didn't even have that, but it sure beats Euro-bracing!!

Pweifan---I'm not quite sure what you mean by my filtration. The tank is filtered using an FX5 filter, but like most filters, it's really there for water circulation, too. I also circulate the water using two Hydor Korelia pumps, and I run water separately through UV sterilizer and a CO2 needle wheel pump. So, in addition to the FX5 and the riparium and aquatic plants keeping the water "filtered" and clean, I also have a total of five pumps providing water circulation, which is key.

The terrestrial plants are kept moist by me manually either misting them or pouring water over them using a bottle. I usually pour water over anything that is growing on LFSphagnum moss once or twice per day if I'm at home, though this is probably "overkill"; and I mist the plants when I mist the Tilly and Bromeliad species once or twice per week. SOME branches have a sheet of Hygrolon that I've attached which does a great job of wicking tank water up and keeping those areas appreciably damp. I will be re-doing additional branches using the Hygrolon as well.

I suppose that I could add a MistKing and/or a fogger and likely wouldn't have to manually do any watering. May be a project for down the road. We'll see!
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