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Now for my Story about my 2 Neon Tetras...

These 2 fish were my Fisrt ever tetra/non live bearer, this was about 2 1/2 years ago, they have been in a 5gal, 10 gal, and finally this 40, they have seen it All! Bettas, guppies, Loaches, but nothing, but a Panda Cory, has continued this Legacy of excellence that these fish have! They have survived Feirce Ammonia spiked, power outtages, Heater malfunctions as well as an outbreak of columnaris, but with all the troubles these fish have faced they have gotten a few battle scars, one has a spot on his lip that is cylindrical and extrudes a a bit to make it noticeable, but not enough to hurt the fishes ability to eat, the other one has a very ragged tail that he got from the betta, it has never grown back for some reason. they are currently living a great life in my 40!

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