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Originally Posted by Zefrik View Post
Thanks everybody. I will most likely start off with trying to find a club, instructor,class or something along those lines. I just feel a little intimidated walking into a gun store since I really lack any sort of gun knowledge. Not to mention the fact that I don't have the physical appearance of a person that would have an interest in guns.

I suggest you post about this on the Kansas forum and see if anyone here on TPT lives near you that might mentor you.

If possible consider a trip to the Kansas City Cabelas. Cabelelas 'tends' to have a little friendlier staff at the gun counter. I've been shoot over 40 years and I don't like dealing with most of the "counter-rambo-@holes" that we find in gunshots and I look exactly like the sterotype gun owner.

In the mean time there is a lot on info on Youtube. Two of the better reviewer channels are GunBlast and HICKOK45.
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