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I can try. I looked some of these up myself and didn't get many results, so I'm thinking that the greenhouse I got the plants from did a lot of the cloning and naming themselves.

The aquatic section has:
glossostigma elatinoides
anubias nana

The rest:
Vriesea fosteriana v. seideliana
Tillandsia 'Chantilly' (stricta x leonamiana)
Vriesea espinosae
Hoya species ex. Patrick, Luzon
Aechmea 'Pagoda'
Selaginella brownii 'Lacy spikemoss'
Polystichum tsus-simense
Neoregelia 'Tuti Fruti'
Cryptanthus 'Rubin Star'
Neoregelia 'Tumbleweed' (liliputiana x Blushing Tiger)
Tillandsia aeranthos 'Major'
Neoregelia 'Gift of Love'
Neoregelia 'Ruby Lips'
Guzmania lingulata 'Teresa'
Neoregelia 'Angel Face'

Here's a better pic:

And here's my favorite brom, I mounted it too high for it to be easily visible from the front:

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