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Thank you all so much!
-I don't think I'm ready to even think about CO2 yet. I'm sure I will eventually, once I get the hang of the basics.
-Uprooted the java fern! I had no idea what it was or what it needed. Hope that helps. Thanks for helping identify the plants! The names sound vaguely familiar from buying them at the LFS...
-Tested water at LFS. Near perfect.
-Added hornwort (temporarily?) and water sprite to fill in spots. And a banana plant, just for kicks.
-Forgot to pick up a timer, definitely need to keep the light on more/more regularly.

A couple more newbie questions -
1. Should I trim off brown areas on the java fern?
2. I don't have a very well-planted tank, or very many fish. Is fertilizer something I should be thinking about at all?

Hopefully stuff grows this time! Thank you all, I feel like this tank is way less... doomed...
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