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Can't decide which substrate!

So I'm setting up a 20l. I have RCS and CPD currently and hope to add 10 c.hasbrosus. Currently my ph is 7.4, which I'm not sure is going to be very good for the corycats. This makes me very undecided on which substrate to use.

I am considering either MGOCPS (is that the correct abbreviation) or Fluval Plant Stratum or UP Shrimp Sand.

this is my current plant list if it helps

java moss, christmas moss (getting flame and taiwan in the future)
water sprite- this tanks up most of my tank and it doesn't need any help growing
wisteria -
bacopa- this is dying
Hygrophila Stricta
crypt wendtii
amazon sword - not growing
windelov java fern - not growing, i wish it would though because its so pretty
anacharis floating around
anubias nana on driftwood
two small pieces mopani driftwood and planning on getting one large centerpiece.
I don't think I'll be getting any other species.

For lighting I'm going to do CFL lamps w/ 13watt bulbs.

Soo my question is - should I do a dirt setup, plant stratum, or shrimp sand so that my plants will grow well and I can keep c.hasbrosus?
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