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Originally Posted by bigd603 View Post
Hmm...I'm just gonna have to dive headfirst into all this stuff to really figure it out. Do you guys know where I can find the ITDB02 Arduing Mega Shield V1.1 fully assembled, or did you guys buy the kit and put it together from iMall? ( Or would something like ebay item number 271025770499 work? Man it would be way easier if we could just link to ebay auctions...
I'm not sure if the ITDB02 Arduino Mega Shield v1.1 is still sold fully assembled. For sure, it is still sold as components only, and you just have to do the soldering. It is a useful skill to pick up anyway.

The eBay item that you linked will work, but it does not have the RTC that the ITDB02 Mega Shield v1.1 has.


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