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Originally Posted by DarkCobra View Post
In October 2011 I ordered two items from, your US vendor. Have been happy with everything, and I visited again today to buy a few more items, but was turned away by the prices.

One of my original purchases was a PF25-UV HOB with UV, for $39.95. It now costs $54.99. Well, that's not too bad, and it is an item unique to your company.

The other was a CP-12 wavemaker, originally for $23.95. This is one of the items I intended to reorder today. But it now costs $59.99, a whopping 250% increase. I can get an original Koralia of nearly identical specs for this price, rather than a clone; or get a clone from another company for about what I originally paid for a CP-12.

I don't mean for this to be a vendor review, although it may be seen as one. Mainly, I just wanted to ask why prices have increased so much?
You are right, we did increase our prices on certain items, but we also lowered out prices on items as well. We can assure you that we don't manipulate the pricing once it's in the cart and we have a strict pricing policy. It came down to production and freight costs that went up on some of our products that forced a price increase. We still think Aquatop and Truaqua have some of the best deals around so we hope you continue to shop with us.
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