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Originally Posted by bigd603 View Post
Can the Arduino store data over time? For example, can it give data on the pH, temp, etc for the past 30, 40, 60 days? Maybe presented in a graph, or at least a table?
Originally Posted by scapegoat View Post
I'd assume you'd be able to write data to the sd card and store them in files. my idea with this stuff would, since i'm a web guy, interface with a website and store the data in a database.

not having any experience with arduino itself, i can only assume that with a wifi connection one would be able to make requests to a website for that data for reading/writing purposes.
The Arduino itself cannot store a large amount of data over time. You can have it store required data on an SD card so it can do data logging.

For interfacing with a website, the same idea can be done, but it would have to access the site every x seconds/minutes that you are measuring the data (i.e. you might want to measure temperature or pH more than once an hour...I have mine set for every 5 minutes).


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