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Did a water change on the tank yesterday, and actually busted out the Equilibrium. It was the first "real" water change this tank has had. I decided not to trim anything yet, as most of the plants are just starting to settle in. In the previous water changes, I used a few gallons of tap water to set the GH and KH, but the plants started showing right away the crinkled new growth I get EVERY SINGLE TIME I use tap water. Figured that would be the case anyway...

One of the blyxa has melted away, the others are sending up new leaves and roots. Pretty soon I'll be able to trim and thicken up my blyxa patches. The Crypt Wendtti rewarded me with two new leaves! It might recover after all, if it survives the newest set of parameter changes.

The DHG has basically done nothing. A handful of new blades have popped up, more than a handful has died off, but mostly it's just sitting there doing nothing. I'm not sure if I like it much. It fit in with the initial idea of the tank, but I don't know if I have the intensity of light this plant requires. Since I'm not planning on updating my lights any time soon, I'm thinking of buying a couple pots of crypt parva from my LFS and replacing the lawn with them. Aiming for less of a disaster zone that was this tank the last time (hence the far fewer stems).

The rotalas and hygro have been the slowest to settle in. They are just starting to put roots down and grow. Still not sure what to do with the largest stem of Hygro Thai. It's just kind of hanging out at the top, sending up nodes and roots and taking over it's floating paradise next to the lights. I think I'll probably end up cutting the nodes off of it after they grow a little and plant them behind the driftwood. Both rotala species are showing the typical calcium deficiency as of yesterday, but today they appear to be growing a little better. I'm expecting better growth as I continue to do water changes with Eq.

This tank is still in a full-blown cycle, with Nitrites still very high the day after the water change. I'm still not 100% sure what's causing the ammo, but I'm not complaining yet. No plans to put anything in this tank for at the very least another month, so I'm not in any hurry.

Another note about this tank: there is an absurd amount of biofilm at the top. I scraped it off yesterday, and moved the spraybar up to create a little more surface movement, but it still seems to be coming back. I think I'll have to get some clear airline tubing and put a stone in there on a timer to turn on periodically at night.


I'll try to take some better pictures at night, when I have no light interference. I have nominal picture taking skills and a Droid 4...

One of the young anubias, still has a val leaf stuck in it's leaves. Some algae on it, but nothing major.

After reading the marselia post in the plant section, I don't think this is minuta. Don't really care though, as I didn't pay a ton for it and it looks nice were it is. It has settled in the best out of any of the plants and is sending out TONS of new nodes. I can't get it pinned down for anything, I might fuss with it during the next water change.

A little ramshorn snail, hard at work removing algae from an anubias and surviving the nitrite.

I like this picture. It didn't focus were I wanted it to, but it just looks nice. Some sort of algae on the anubias rhizome. Not too worried about it at the moment, but if it persists I'll give it a little spot treatment with Excel.

It's hard to see, but the new crypt leaves are coming up towards the back. Maybe next week I'll stop being lazy and trim the melted leaves off...

Crinkled new growth on the Rotala wallichi. It's looking a little better today. Going to give it some time with the new parameters before freaking out on it too much. Considering how badly I jumped the gun and put plants in the tank before even having a filter or co2, I think the plants are doing pretty good.

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