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Water Parameters & Cycling Question

Hi, I am new here and wasn't quite sure which forum would be "appropriate" for my question. I made an account after doing lots and lots and lots and lots of research through these forums in preparation of my new 5g planted tank.

This tank is about 3 weeks old. There are 3 baby and 2 adult white cloud minnows in there to help the cycle. There is a tiny anubia, a windelov that I've divided into three to balance out the aquascape, and an abundance of java moss. I am using eco-complete substrate. I dose CO2 daily, iron twice a week, and flourish comprehensive once a week. I am using a 10watt compact fluorescent light. Water is heated and usually sits at a steady 78 but has dropped a couple degrees in the midst of frigid weather here on my college campus. There is also a filter.

When I first set up the tank, I tested water daily and did daily 10% water changes to keep the minnows happy. After about a week of this I stopped testing daily - why? The parameters have never gone above 0. Every Wednesday I take a water sample down to my LFS for free testing and they confirm my results. Ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are always 0 and have been for the past 3 weeks, pH is always a steady 7.6. The tank started with 3 baby minnows, and after the second week my LFS had me add two adult minnows.

At the advice of my LFS, I slowed down water changes to a weekly basis but skipped the second week's water change so that the tank could go two weeks to build up ammonia. This Wednesday would then be when I resume water changes.

I test my water every other day or so. I tested today and everything still reads 0. What is going on oh planted tank gurus?
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