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Changing GH and KH

Hello all, I don't know exactly where my hardness was need to he but I have a good idea and I'm way off in regards to both types. I checked my tap my soon to be planted and my Malawi cichlid tank here's what I got

Tap: 10DGH / 4DKH
Planted: 10DGH / 2DKH
Malawi: 10DGH / 1DKH

So in my planted and Malawi I need more KH to keep my PH stable right? And since they are rift lake cichlids I'd like to see it at or above 12DKH. And more specifically for my planted I need a lower GH correct? At least down to like 7DGH for the health if the plants? How can I accomplish this? I've been told already that adding 3 tsp of baking soda per 50 gallons of water will raise alkalinity 1 degree. Is this a good equation? And to lower GH I was told to cut my water with RO water. But I'm just asking around to make sure I do the right thing and not the wrong thing.
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