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Originally Posted by NWA-Planted View Post
Ddoooo iiittttt

I feel like i am in competition and your winning for now.... Haha jk

What kind of plant life you looking at?

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Technically im cheating, you are building our own tank!
My tank is prebuilt!

As far as plant life, i still love the look of blyxa and will use it avidly.
rotala colorate is a big on the list
persicaria kawa
persicaria sao paulo
hygro... somethign or other. stays low and creepy
ludwigia repens.. classic
ludwigia sp red
ludiwiga cuba
ludwigia glandulosa
notice a trend??
starogyne repens
cryptocorne wendtii brown
cryptocorne unidentified green/brown

i've been realllllllllllllllllyyy considering having an awesome pleco cave in this thing, but ima run bookooo's of light into this thing and co2 and pleco's plus co2 don't seem to be on the high list, they get all weird

i may actually add in some stones but i've never been a huge fan, tis may be because a 29 gallon has no real estate

i will be searching for an awesome piece of wood shorly
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