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The tall anubias on the right foreground to be leaning towards the light source...which makes me think they need more light. They came from the LFS tall...and in the last week, one has grown a new leaf

I have the present lighting on about 12 hours a day. On Hoppy's PAR chart, this T8 bulb seems to fall into the higher side of the low rating...and my anubia's are the PAR chart and my plants are telling me I need more light, I think. The bulb needs to be replaced anyway as it is about two years old. I've begun to notice in the past week that the bulb doesn't light evenly.

Maybe I should replace the entire canopy and get one with 2 flourescent bulbs? I think that would light the entire tank more evenly. When I went to the LFS (actually several) all I can find are more T8s in the 18 inch size with daylight ratings...some posters on the forum have suggested going to a hardware store to look at light I will investigate that next weekend...

Also, I think I need more balance in my composition...vary up the shapes and textures, as I've got a lot of verticles going on...maybe dwarf saggitaria in the foreground? Or something short with a more horizontal habit? And some more smaller anubias nana on the rocks at diagonal center? (Just thinking out loud...)

Can anyone tell me about the fissidens mosses? I think one is called Phoenix moss?

Anyway...lots to think about and I do have a habit of rambling...LOL...trying to sort out all the information...

"Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
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