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Originally Posted by knuggs View Post
Tanks looking really good temple! Looks like you have been staying up on your scaping

Choas, I have never heard of the Aflame echindorous sp. Wild blood. Sorry but now I got all kinds of questions lol. I tried to look it up but didnt find much about it.
How long have you had that?

5 months.

Is it the only one you have?


Where did you get it?


Has it always been that red?

The leaves are all most purple at times.

I know indiana water has a lot of iron in it so you prolly get alot of red from that. Is the new growth on it greener than the old leaves?

I average a leaf every 1-1 1/2 weeks. The great thing about this plant is it responds to parameter changes in the tank by color. When its happy i get almost purple growth from it. When it doesnt like whats changed the growth comes in green with red veins. Old growth turns almost black.
Heres a progression shot took a week to grow. Last pic is the most recent.

How big does it get, like a regular sword plant?
Shrugs shoulders.
From what i could find out it doesnt grow big. Thats why i moved it towards the front.
I have seen joraan selling these since.

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