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co2 should be running within the week. I'm super excited for that.

A few little things I want to mention before massive updates when I get new plants in. I removed the cabomba cause it was just angering me in this tank and didn't look good in the slightest. Never really wanted it in this tank but I didn't want to throw it out either, but I tossed it anyways. I have more where that came from regardless.

I also removed the jungle val from my 10 gallon since it was throwing runners and I figured it would be less of a hassle in this tank. If it does well, I'll let it stay (I have it behind the L. meeboldii) or I will replace it with a different variety of Jungle Val (like the red one or the tiger stripe)

I'm kind of wondering if I should have anything growing on the rocks in my tank, and if so, what? Minus the big rock with the L. meeboldii, the others are just sitting there. I feel like, as they are, they would look odd once a carpet gets started and once there are stems and more vertical features in the tank. I'm just not sure what I'd want to grow on there.

Maybe a java fern variety that isn't Windelov? Maybe some kind of pellia or other moss? Maybe tie some dwarf riccia or HC down on it?

I'm also debating what I should do with the myro I have. I moved it to behind the piece of wood on the right, cause idk where else to throw it. To be perfectly honest, I like the leaf shape and all but I feel like this particular species is kinda bland for a tank that is going to have a lot of colorful stems in it. I'm thinking of maybe throwing P. erectus or stellata there, or even just a different myro species (one that I could actually sell perhaps). Any ideas would be great.

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