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Thats why I mentioned testing your tap. Well you finally mentioned something new & different. Dirt is cool but out of my realm. The only suggestion I would dare to mention at this point would be to think, or experiment with remineralized & gh+Kh boosted 100% R/O water from your tap. That would bring your Nitrates & PO4 to all most zero to start with.
I like the idea of dirt tanks & 1 day I plan to set 1 up. Before starting these threads I would make sure most important info is out on the table so maybe you would get proper advice. Leaving the dirt out was lacking much info.
I think it would make an interesting experiment to use 100% remineralized R/O + dose additional nitrate the whole 9 yards an see what happens. What is the worst that can happen? If your on the wrong track tanks respond quickly to positive changes. Try 1 tank with dry ferts & 1 without & see what happens. My 3 cents. Maybe if the lights stay low enough Flourish alone will work?

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