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Thanks for the encouragement!

Two weeks in and things are looking good. I have added Narrow leaf java fern (Microsorium pteropus), Cryptocoryne lutea, Micro sword narrow leaf (Lilaeopsis mauritius), Ludwigia repens, Riccia fluitans, and Christmas moss. The riccia is attached to a rock and I tied the christmas moss onto stainless steel mesh.

The cycle is coming along. I have been using Ace hardware ammonia and keeping the level above 1 ppm every day. Nitrite levels are off the charts and my nitrate levels are around 10 ppm. I want it to hurry up so I can add in some livestock.

The micro sword is sending up new shoots and the christmas moss is growing like crazy. I was thinking about adding CO2, but I prefer keeping things simple. I gave the micro sword a trim to encourage some new growth. I had some of the leaves on my C. lutea melt, but after that it looks reasonably stable.

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